Email marketing is a way to market the media content to the subscriber or customer.

Returning website visitors are important as much as your new website visitors or you can say returning website visitors are your customers. People searching for different services over the internet, social media, from some marketing campaign or directly through the website. Once they visit the website they may or maybe not used our services. But the important is we required such visitor returning to the website, as returning visitor may convert into the customer.

We may collect some visitor information like name, email, contact etc. using the different form like subscription form, contact form, feedback form, suggestion form, chat and so on. This visitor information helps us to market our services. There is a different type of marketing but here we are talking about email marketing.

Email marketing is a way to market the media content to the subscriber or customer. There are two types of email marketing.
1) Promotional email marketing.
2) Transactional email marketing.

1) Promotional email marketing:
Promotional email or you can say marketing email is useful when you want to send a bulk email for the marketing. For example, you introduce some services and want to inform to all the target audience. Here target audience is not your subscribe nor your customer. You may purchase email address data from the market and send a bulk marketing email to all. This type of email only used for promotional purpose. In this case, the user may report sender email as spam.

2) Transactional email marketing:
Transactional email marketing useful to send transaction message or you can say alert or some offer to the existing customers. In this email marketing, email address data may be collected from the subscriber list, contact forms on the website, feedback form, suggestion form etc. For example, you are offering a summer/ winter discount to your existing customer.

Now come to our main point on how email marketing helps us to increase the returning customers/ website visitors?

Email is the way to remind our visitor about the website and its services. Visitor information collecting during the first time of website visit helps us for email marketing. Valuable email content like services introduction, emotional thoughts, discount, offers, quiz etc helps us to get user attraction to the email. Add some Call to Action to the email to get user focus on the link. This will help us to get back the user again to the website.

By email marketing, we remind the visitor to visit the website again and checking for new services and offers.
For example, we have an e-commerce website. The visitor may visit the website for some product but what after then? we required the same visitor to come back again and check different products available in the online store. May checkout did from our website.

Email marketing helps us to introduce the services to the new customer and also remind the existing customer about the services. This will help us to increase traffic on the website from the target audience.

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